Friday, 3 September 2010

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Published in 2006 but about to be released 'Hollywood' style, I thought 'maybe' I should check this book out, I now realise that 'happy thirty something women' will love this and feel centred, possibly translating as a bit 'smug' . Pretending to be 'happy thirty something women' may find it frustrating in its impracticability and want to kill the sisterhood of 'thirty somethings' who loved it, in a very nonspiritual way. Just me? Very possibly.

Give me an Indian Guru, a toothless medicine man (forget pasta in Italy as I hate pasta), a temple floor to scrub on my knees and two fabulous suitcases and I'm sure I could find myself too. If I wanted to? Oh look I'm already questioning so it has to be good even though it makes me swear an awful lot.

What I did like about this book is that although I took ages to get into it, poked fun at 'one woman's search for everything' tag line, wanted Liz to pull herself together, I still read part 2' India' and part 3 'Indonesia' in one me stubborn but I was going to read this bloody book that's been passed from woman to woman even if it made me think, 'Should I be more like this, is neurotic self obsession a good thing?'. I fluctuated from 'oh yes' to 'on no' and was very tempted to skip the bit in India even though I could feel the enlightened slap on the wrist.

I found Liz's description of depression and suicidal thoughts unconvincing with only a tiny glimmer of sympathy on my part. Of course the struggling in India was uncomfortable, the praying is the most important transition to her eventual 'love', but I found it boring. I did laugh at her attempts to meditate though, the more effort you make to empty your mind, the more superficiality takes up residence; Liz was my friend at that point.

Her story does have an effect and resonates at points. Don't get me started on the line up for the film though...I will want to poke your eye out and get cross that I can't afford to travel for a year and sort out this anger issue on a journey to true self fulfilment...enjoy!

I'm glad I read it...I think?

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  1. lol - when I saw who was in this movie I immediately flashed back to "The Player" with Tom Robbins - and the ending scenes where they propose to cast Sly Stallone for the role in the movie ...